Swiss Casinos Want To Get Into Lottery And Sports Betting

Since 2007, Swiss casinos have been losing a string of losses. The establishments’ annual report for 2015 did not show any improvement. Only a few casinos recorded a small increase in their turnover. If today these casinos are in the red, it is due to many events that have followed one another. To remedy this, the solution put forward by them is to have the opportunity to engage in sports betting and the lottery.

Only a few casinos were able to have a positive figure according to the report of the Swiss Casino Federation. This is the case, for example, of the Swiss Casinos Zürich casino and the Barrière casino in Montreux and 6 other establishments. But the country has 21 casinos and according to the report a drop in revenues of around 4.1% was noted. It has therefore been eight years in a row that these Swiss casinos have seen their income decline. The last peak in turnover was reached in 2007, and compared to this year they have fallen by a third. Many factors have caused this downtrend for Swiss casinos. There is in particular the global financial crisis, but not only.

The weakness of the euro also contributed to this decrease. Likewise, the number of cross-border players like those coming from Italy has also decreased. It must be emphasized that Switzerland has to compete with other countries. Apart from these three reasons, the proliferation of illegal gambling clubs has also hampered revenue growth. Online gambling is also experiencing significant development. Players are thus abandoning hard-core casinos for the benefit of these online gambling online malaysia operators.

Swiss Casino Federation calls for government intervention

For the Swiss Casino Federation, it is more than urgent that the government intervene by taking certain measures. It also demands that the government accelerate the revision of the laws on gambling. Indeed, since October 2015, the Swiss government has proposed a law so that casinos can offer online gaming offers, namely for them. table games and slot machines trusted online casino malaysia. However, these changes will not take effect any time soon.

For this reason, the federation demanded that international online operators be blocked thanks to their IP so that the local market no longer suffers. In addition to this request, it also wants casinos to obtain the necessary authorization to offer sports betting and lottery offers. The Swiss Casino Federation has also blamed the government’s decision to allow low buy-in poker tournaments outside of casinos.

She sees it as an attack aimed at destroying the only monopoly that casinos currently hold. The presence of online operators who have taken over the market without having any authorization has also been the subject of strong criticism. This is the case for example with The Federation hopes that these requests will be taken into account and that the government will intervene urgently, at the risk of seeing another year in the decline for casinos.

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