Sports Betting Yahoo Will No Longer Receive Bets From New York Players

Yahoo has just announced its decision very recently, on the fact that the firm will no longer accept bets from players in New York. This concerns online sports betting. This decision comes after two large firms in the same sector have taken the same initiative.

For several months now, the New York State attorney has followed in the footsteps of two large companies that offer sports games to New Yorkers . It was in November that Eric Shneiderman tried to block the activities of FanDuel and DraftKings, which are leaders in the sports games market. According to the prosecutor, this practice should be prohibited, especially in terms of his state because it is in no way sports games. He considers that earlier it is a question of games of chance without any license really suited to the case.

Following this case, Draftking and FanDuel decided to no longer accept bets from players in New York, after they had reached an agreement with the prosecutor. Legal proceedings are currently under way, but there is not yet a substantive study carried out. However, this agreement does not mean that the dispute between the two firms in court is closed. Rather, it is a step forward in the business and in fact helps to find the point of agreement with regard to paid games.

It should be noted that prosecutions had been initiated by the public prosecutor. By not accepting bets from New York players, the sites are no longer part of gambling. After this decision by Draftkings and FanDuel, Yahoo has also decided to follow its competitors. Its spokesperson announced the firm’s approach and made it clear that this will have no impact on players from other states.

Its spokesperson added that Yahoo still qualifies the contests they run as legal. He also still intends to assess the legal context for the Daily Fantasy Sports. It was in July 2015 that Yahoo got started by launching the Daily Fantasy Sports site. It is a virtual competition which is based on the real world of professional athletes. By paying a certain starting stake, bettors have the opportunity to create a virtual team with real teams or real athletes.

The results are based on the actual performance of each athlete. The competition takes place over a whole day. The best competitors can pocket up to a million dollars. We will therefore have to wait for the continuation of this case where legal proceedings have already been initiated. For Yahoo, this does not seem to affect its business so much as it is permitted in other states. Like its competitors, the firm intends to exploit market shares other than that of New York.

New York players can say goodbye to online sports games, because Draftkings, FanDuel and even less Yahoo via Daily Fantasy Sports will not be able to offer the possibility of placing bets and accessing the games.

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