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Our company manufactures technical plastic components using injection moulding and die pressing. Mostly we work as a subcontractor. We also manufacture e.g. thermosetting and thermoplastic products. Leomuovi mounting cleats for insulated windows are the right choice for high-quality window manufacture and installation. Our mounting cleats are made to measure and always made from stable-quality raw materials. Visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Lisätietoa LEOMUOVI OY

The deal was sealed in 1984. Leo Koskinen, the head of plastics department in Lapinleimu, purchased his department and used it as the basis for creating Leomuovi Oy. Machinery, staff and traditions were moved to Viiala, where Leomuovi started its operation in 1984. Later on Leo Koskinen turned over the reigns to Pasi Mönkkö and Risto Kalliainen. Changes occurred, when Pasi Mönkkö was replaced by Sami Rantala. Rantala and Kalliainen are now steering Leomuovi into the future and the challenges ahead.

The quarter-of-a-century-old plastics factory is not just a factory. Leomuovi is a business partner who offers comprehensive services. Our customers can obtain the entire manufacturing process under one roof; Leomuovi offers production design, manufacturing process and management, product assembly, finalization and shipping. Collaboration with the customer is vital, because effective communication benefits both the customer and us.

Modern machinery, young and evolving work teams, and the reliable manufacture of even some eccentric products makes Leomuovi a competitive manufacturer of plastic products.

Production facilities in use: 2000m² + 900m² warehouse
Turnover ca. 3.5M Eur in 2012
Currently 20 employees
Machinery: 26 injection mold machines, 8 die press machines Our latest acquisition is a Battenfeld 150.
AAA credit rating
ISO:4001 compliant environment system
ISO:9001 compliant quality system


Our strength lies in specializing in different techniques, when plastic is combined with other materials. Custom-made products are made using an injection mould and can be made from thermoplastic or thermosetting materials. We also use die pressing techniques. We can also produce two-component products. In addition, we can arrange for the printing or painting of your products.

Our machinery consists of 26 injection mold machines and 8 die press machines. We maintain a high quality production by ensuring that our machinery is up-to-date. We currently have an Engel Victory 1800/300 and Engel Victory 500/120 injection mould machines.

Leomuovi is located within good logistics routes in Viiala, Akaa. Our production is further enhanced by various transport options.


Ideally the journey of a product begins with production design. The product is designed together with the customer, Leomuovi subcontractor network and Leomuovi staff. After that the product is rendered into a 2D or 3D model. The model is used to test the product's functionality and after that the model is finalized. An important part of the manufacturing process is a well designed and functioning mould. The moulds are tested before production begins and they are maintained on a regular basis.

Products are manufactured from thermoplastic or thermosetting materials using an injection mould technique or a die press technique. Materials and manufacturing techniques can be changed at the request of the customer to fit the desired product. For example, Leomuovi plays a part in manufacturing the classic Pehtoori coffee pot for reproduction. The knob and handle of the pot are made of bakelite, which is a very rare material in modern-day plastic factories due to


General Manager
Risto Kalliainen

040 848 4716

Technical Manager
Sami Rantala

040 554 9494

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subcontracting, mounting wedges, sheet metal fasteners, injection moulding, die pressing, technical plastic products, thermosetting polymers

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plastic, plastic products, thermosetting plastic, plastic product manufacturing


kneefree, lattice window panels, taper knob, star knob, screw caps, ball knob, thumbscrew

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